What is Toronto Thrive?

Toronto Thrive is an organization that aims to empower artists by helping them make a living doing what they love. We are actively showcasing the talent of our city through our social media presence, and our marketplace, giving creatives access to resources to further their passions.  

Where Can I Find Products?

All products currently available will be listed on our marketplace. New products will be shown on our various social media platforms. 

What If the Product Is Damaged?

Standard product is Damaged: 

If a standard product is damaged, please send an inquiry to Contact@tothrive.ca, showing the damages sustained, as well as the receipt of purchase. We will evaluate the claim and hope to replace any damaged products delivered.  

Custom Product Is Damaged:

If a custom product is damaged, please send an inquiry to Contact@tothrive.ca, showing the damages sustained, as well as the receipt of purchase. 

Disclaimer: because this is a custom product, is it up to the seller's discretion whether to recreate the product.     

How Can I Get in Contact With the Seller?

We recommend searching up the creators' various social media profiles for contacting them. 

In the future, we hope to have a preferred method of contact for each creator on our site!

How Long Does it Take for the Product to Ship / Arrive?

Currently, when an order is placed, the seller is responsible for the shipping process of the product. Because of this, the time between shipping and delivery may vary.

How Can I Sell Products On This Site?

To sell products on this marketplace, sellers must complete a product submission form, which then will be reviewed by our product team. This review process can take up to 2 weeks. If the product is accepted, you will be contacted by our product team regarding next steps.   

What Is the Payment process?

Every 2 weeks on Saturdays, artists will be sent an electronic transfer (e-transfer) payment totaling the sales from orders within the 2 week time period.  

How Does The Shipment Process Work?

Sellers on the marketplace are responsible for shipping their products to their customers. In the future we will be working on bringing shipment under the Toronto Thrive belt

What’s in it for you?

There are multiple benefits to being on our online marketplace: 

  1. We take 0 commission. Our entire mission is helping creatives in this city make a living wage off their products. Because of this, we do not take a percentage of sales for any of the products sold on our marketplace.  
  2. Cross Marketing. When you send customers to the marketplace, they will get to see the work of all artists posted. Similarly, your listed products will be seen by the potential customers all the other artists are also sending towards the site. As the marketplace grows, your products amass greater visibility to consumers. 
  3. Exposure to new customers. Like all marketplaces, various types of customers will show up looking for different products. Our marketplace is no different. We hope to expose this city to the diverse landscape that is the Toronto Creative community. Your products will be visible to all the customers that visit the site.
  4. Additional Marketing. By being on our marketplace, it provides creatives with another avenue to showcase their creations to an increasing pool of customers.  
  5. Projecting the Toronto culture worldwide. The Toronto Creative scene is a showcase of all the beautiful cultures that inhabit our city, making it one of the most diverse communities. We want to project our city’s magnificent culture to the rest of the world, but we can't do it without you. We are on this journey together, come walk this yellow brick road with us.