About Toronto Thrive

Our mission is to bring the creative community together by building tools that facilitate learning, collaboration, and as a result, drive the culture in our city forward.

Who? We are a group of people that love to celebrate art. We attach art to our lowest lows, and our highest highs because art is so ingrained into the emotional fabric of our lives. We sometimes watch it pass by, everyday it gets no more than a glance of attention as we hustle by trying to check the next thing off on our busy schedule. If that's the attention that art gets, imagine being in the shoes of the artist.  

Why? The creations they make can only be truly appreciated when we stop and slow down, and what perfect timing it is for that. We built Thrive because we slowed down, we regained consciousness and saw the beauty all around us. We now feel it is our job, to share that beauty with the world.  

What? To respect what art has done for us, we want to in return build tools for creative community. We want to help empower creatives to have access to resources, whether that be financial, monetary, or in the form of a safe space that any artist can use, whenever they feel like they want to use it. Our goal is to be a lighthouse for the creative community, providing direction to those who need it.  

Where? Toronto is the most diverse city on the planet. That statement alone should tell you that there is no better place to be on this earth. If experience is the highest form of knowledge, the vast array of differing perspectives in the city have allowed our shared experiences to be truly distinctive. The way we convey these experiences is through art. We remember these experiences through art, we hear these experiences through art, we feel these experiences through art. Thrive is our way of sharing these experiences, and the artists that capture them to the world.

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